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About Me

Welcome to Desiree Holt Tells All blog- based on my experiences of escorts and escort agency news. Having worked as a high class escort all my adult life, I plan to expose all the latest news, gossip and recommendations of the escort industry. Having worked at various escort agencies before becoming a high class independent escort, I have great knowledge to share with you. Now I´m going to tell you all about me, Desiree Holt!

I am considered to be a high class escort, currently based in Leeds who specializes in carrying sexy fantasies. I am a professional at carrying out my clients’ sexual fantasies through roleplays and uniforms. I give every client who books me the time of their life and will guarantee that they will not forget it. Aa a high-class escort girl, my lovely clients are promised an authentic girlfriend experience. This kind of service can only be offered by a high-class escort like me who loves being a escort.

Aspiring high-class escort girls have a charm and looks that impress clients. This combination of good looks and charm is enough to get started at an escort agency. A positive attitude helps add to the mystique of a high-end escort job. Throughout my escort career I have easily been hired by reputable agencies in the West Midlands, gaining a fantastic reputation. The first step in becoming an enticing escort was to learn as much as I could about the agency.

Because I am an escort of high-class status I am highly regarded in the community. Clients who meet me say that I am real, amiable, and a pleasure to have around. I am able to make your trip a stress-free experience, ensuring you are pampered and comfortable. As you travel from one destination to another, you should have a reliable and comfortable international escort, like myself, to help you with your needs.

While escorts of high class will happily entertain men in any location, I am also happy to have sex with people outside of traditional sex. In fact, I am ready to offer more than casual sex, such as fetishes and porn star experiences. They don’t care about their personal lives, and that’s the point of their service. The client´s needs always come first, before my own.

I will be more than happy to entertain clients and arouse their intimate desires. Some upscale escorts are professional in other fields, but they may not be able to provide a full-time sexy service. Of course , I require a higher salary per hour and luxury gifts but I offer more time to engage with clients. A sexy escort will be more than happy to accommodate you and your needs.

Booking my servicel has many benefits, including being able to meet clients in public places. I like to be paid a handsome fee for time and companionships, and sometimes I only work for one client. There are no restrictions on this type of service, including the age of my clients. Some high-class ladies limit their clients’ preferences, so they can be very strict about their clientele, but I do not!

As a high-class escort in Leeds I can offer incall escort services in the city center, 24/7. Therefore, if you need some privacy for sexual services, I can accommodate you. My incall apartment is very discrete with every home comfort to ensure you feel relaxed. I can also offer a professional massage and lap dance to get you in the mood. I am fully qualified in all types of massage and I have skilled hands.

I am university-educated, multi-lingual, and has a degree in business, politics and a masters degree in science. I have also been a successful fashion model and published porn star for various top shelf magazines. I have all the assets needed to be a high class escort for wealthy gentlemen. Ensuring that I am able to impress any type of powerful or rich client and be a great companion. They must be able to enjoy sex and be equal to the man.

Apart from being highly intelligent, well-mannered, and possessing a lot of sexy inclination. My main aim in this job is to make clients feel comfortable with my presence and to make him feel good. When you spend time with me, Desiree, I hope that you feel that it is a privilege to have a sexy escort to satisfy you. In the meantime, read my blog to hear about my recommendations of escorts and agencies.