Older Models

Desiree Holt’s Advice For Older Models

If you’re a model who’s approaching retirement age, there are a few modeling agencies you can contact to get your career in shape. Oldushka Model Agency is the best agency for older models, which represents models who are over 45 and up to 85 years old. It was an obvious expansion of a photography project that featured retired people in street style. Photographer Igor Gavar filmed retirees and published the results on his blog. Some of the models represented by the agency include Lauren Hutton, who returned to modeling for Bottega Veneta, while Mercy Brewer broke new ground by modeling underwear.

Next is a modeling agency for older models

Select has been around for decades and has become one of the industry’s staple modeling agencies. It recently merged with MP Management, a Miami-based agency that was hailed as one of the fastest-growing. Its Miami office hosts open call hours every Tuesday and Thursday. In addition, Next has offices around the world, accepting applications through its online recruitment form. Models ages twenty-five and over can also submit their resumes to the agency.

Next Models NYC has offices in London and Paris, as well as in Milan. The agency represents a diverse range of talent and has clients such as Calvin Klien and GQ. ONE Model Management emphasizes diversity and creative elements. Its New York office also represents a group of diverse models. Major Model Management started out in Milan and expanded to New York in 1999. The agency claims to have developed the “Supermodel” model.

Bellah Modeling Agency

If you are an older model looking for a new career, consider signing up with a modeling agency. These agencies often work with people over 40 and offer life-skills training in addition to top modeling training. There are many benefits of working with an agency, but the first and most important advantage is the positive environment it provides. Models can be found in a variety of different genres, and Bellah has many diverse opportunities for older models.

The training and development at Bellah Modeling Agency is second to none. The agency has a reputation for nurturing aspiring models and helping them reach their goals. Students who attend classes here can learn various skills and become brand ambassadors, in addition to gaining invaluable modeling experience. As a plus, it is known for its affordable fees. Applicants are encouraged to take the classes because of their expertise and reputation in the modeling industry.


The fashion industry has long been obsessed with young supermodels, but a new trend is taking shape: modeling agencies for the older generation. The Russian modeling agency Oldushka has started to sign baby boomers, as well as older women. The agency is gaining a loyal following for hiring models as young as 45. This new trend is likely to continue, as the fashion industry continues to grow and become more diverse.

The Sara Mason Alliance, which represents senior models, has raised awareness of sexual harassment in the industry and is actively seeking reforms. The group is working on changing the nature of a model’s contract, making them employees instead of independent contractors. Independent contractors cannot sue for sexual harassment, and the current standard model’s contract binds them to the agency without creating a duty for them to find work. Older models are also increasingly needed for commercials and advertisements.

OLDUHSKA is a modeling agency for older models

Russian-based Oldushka is a modeling agency that represents over twenty models who are 45 years of age or older. It started as a blog that showcased the fashion sense of older Russians. After several requests from photographers and magazines, the agency grew into a successful company. Soon, its models were posing for Vogue, Glamour, InStyle, Numero, and more. Igor Gavar, a photographer with a background in fashion, was signing up older models and promoting them as a model for the agency.

The founding team of Oldushka, Igor Gavar, is an inspiration for this new agency. It celebrates age inclusivity by hiring only older models. Gavar is a photographer with a passion for older people, and his personal photography project documented the street style of older people. Gavar’s decision to start the agency, which represents models over 45, was interpreted as a natural progression from his artistic vision. Although the agency represents models of all ages, its older models seem to have a unique look and are capable of a wide range of modeling gigs.

Elite Model Management

If you’re looking to sign up for a modeling agency, Elite is one of the top choices. The agency launched the careers of many top fashion names, including Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, and Coco Rocha. The agency is seeking models aged fourteen to twenty-two, five feet seven inches to six feet tall, and with killer confidence.

Elite Model Management is the world’s most influential agency, founded in Paris in 1972 by John Casablancas and Alain Kittler. It has a long history of success and has signed the likes of Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, and Kendall Jenner. Its work has also influenced the fashion industry and influenced many individuals. In addition to booking editorial work for clients, Elite also maintains brand partnerships with high-profile brands.